Sunday, 1 September 2013

Youtube Faceoff - Nsync's Bye Bye Bye

Live Lounge is great and all but what I love most is searching through Youtube to find the best cover versions of my favourite songs by unsigned or small-time artists. If you put the time in, you'll find so many different and innovative interpretations of the biggest hits right now... but who has the time for that I hear you say? Have no fear for that's what our Youtube Faceoff is all about. Previous posts have looked at artists as diverse as PsyMiguel and Katy Perry. Today it's Nsync's turn!

As one of the biggest pop acts of the 90s, Nsync had a huge following so their comeback appearance at the VMAs this year was highly anticipated. While their brief performance was somewhat disappointing, seeing Nsync again reminded me of how great they were back in the day, so this weeks Youtube Faceoff pays homage to their biggest hit Bye Bye Bye. Relive your youth by watching the video that featured our favourite boyband showing off their gravity defying moves, dancing as puppets on a string and that man-perm.

Our first cover today is from Ryan Schmidt, who really impressed me with his acoustic version of Bye Bye Bye. I love his voice on the track and he does a great job of making the song his own.

Next up is a female interpretation of Bye Bye Bye sung by Alana Aleman. While this is indeed another acoustic version of the Nsync classic, Aleman makes the song more intense due to her raw tone and elevates it beyond its poppy origins. You go girl!

Our third cover today is a mash up of Bye Bye Bye and Paula Abdul's 80s classic Straight Up. I'm always a sucker for a good mash up and Josie Dunn's live piano led performance is beautifully done. Check it out below.

I know it's cheating slightly but the last two songs I wanted to share with you are actually medleys, which include other songs as well as Bye Bye Bye. They're awesome though so it's all good. The first medley I fell in love with is performed by two guys who combine a whole load of classic boyband songs, including One Direction and Backstreet Boys hits, into a seriously impressive acoustic medley. Check out Fonoti Musiq below.

Finally, we have a performance from Pentatonix, a group made up of four men and one women who just sound INCREDIBLE. Their medley incorporates both stunning harmonies and awesome beat boxing into a run of classic Nsync songs that blend perfectly together.

I love all these versions of Bye Bye Bye but my favourite would have to be the final medley from Pentatonix. The whole thing is just ridiculously good and it's a fitting tribute to Nsync back in their heyday. But what do you think? Which version is your favourite? Let me know by commenting and liking below. Or you can vote for the best version in our poll which can be found on the top left of this page. Also, remember to come back soon for another edition of Youtube Faceoff!

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