Monday, 22 October 2012

New Music by Girls Aloud, Little Mix, Alicia Keys, Solange, Rebecca Ferguson, Nicki Minaj, Marina & The Diamonds and Pink

New video time now and there are a lot of big names coming out with new material in time for the Xmas frenzy, so sit back and press play for a feast of sexy new pop promos.

Girls Aloud - Something New

The girls are back with a reunion tour and a new uptempo dance track for the new greatest hits album.

Sure there's more of a focus on Cheryl and Nadine than the others but what did you expect? They all look great though and the video has left me craving a new Girls Aloud studio album. And Sarah's naked! 

'Go girls, go, go, go!'

Little Mix - DNA

From a legendary girl group to new up and comers, Little Mix are back with their follow up single 'DNA'. While 'Wings' was all fluffy and colourful, the girls have gone full reversal with their new promo which shows them in a much darker light. I like the direction they've taken but I'm not sure if it's too cheesy, especially with the gospel-lite bridge towards the end. Decide for yourselves below.

'It's the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future'.... what!?

Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire

In a bizarre combination of Mary Poppins and older single 'Superwoman', Alicia has gone all Nannified with her latest female anthem, which sees her being a strong woman in a variety of domestic settings. The promo could have been dull to watch but the various lighting effects give the whole thing a unique feel and look which lends itself well to the song's concept.

'But she gon' let it burn'

Solange Knowles - Losing You

I have waited SO long for new material from the ridiculously underrated Solange. Easily the more talented of the two sisters, Solange has crafted another deceptively catchy 80s style pop song which shows off her unique voice and talent. I keep rewinding the bit towards the end where Solange just dances crazily to herself. She is so effortlessly cool. Why isn't Solange more successful?!

'We used to kiss all night but now it's just no use.'

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack

Rebecca is easily one of the best acts to come out of the X-Factor for years and it's not hard to see why with this new Motown-style pop ditty which shows off her classy voice at its best. If you don't already have her debut album 'Heaven', then this should definitely convince you to buy the re-release ready for Xmas.  

'It's just the smoke gets in my eyes.'

Nicki Minaj - The Boys ft Cassie

I know I've already shared this song before but now the cartoonish video is out and I just couldn't resist sharing it again. The promo reminds me of classic Missy videos where a whole load of crazy s**t happens in the brightest, headache-inducing settings. Also, I'm not sure about Cassie's look at certain points but it's great to see her back on the music scene and you have to hand it to her; Cassie doesn't play it safe.

'Punch line queen, no boxer though.'

Marina & The Diamonds - How To Be A Heartbreaker

In an attempt to crack the US market, Marina has recorded a new track for 'Electra Heart', which fits in nicely with the rest of the alternative yet poppy songs that comprise the album. And in case Marina's distinctively deep and husky voice wasn't enough for you, she's thrown in a bunch of half-naked models showering in the background. Enjoy!

'Boys they like a little danger.'

Pink - Try

For the second single from the 'Truth About Love' album, Pink has gone all contemporary dance on us to show the effects of an abusive relationship. It's a little bit Shakira from the 'Did It Again' video but with more anger and brighter colours. Not sure if it goes with the song but its an impressive promo that shows Pink trying a new direction.

'Funny how the heart can be deceiving.'

So I hope you've enjoyed my latest roundup of the new music that's doing the rounds. Come back soon for more updates on the latest pop promos and remember to share if you want to show these artists some love!


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