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X-Factor Returns! Top 10 Live Studio Performances

The X-Factor live shows have returned once again to our screens yay! Sure the auditions can be fun and boot camp's great but for me, it's all about the final 12... or 13 battling it out to be crowned the winner. Just a shame about those cheesy themed weeks. Anyway, to celebrate, I thought we could take a look back at the 10 best live studio performances that blew the nation away. Sadly though, this means boot camp and auditions performances are not eligible so that means no Cher Lloyd 'Turn My Swag On' or 'Diana Vickers 'Hallelujah'. Sorry girls. Let's see who made the cut then.

Little Mix - E.T. (originally sung by Katy Perry)

This is the performance that made people believe that a group could actually win the X-Factor. Everything came together perfectly for the group, from the vocals to the bizarre doll-like make-up and dancing. Brilliant.

Aiden Grimshaw - Mad World (originally sung by Tears for fears)

I love Aiden Grimshaw and it was a shock for everyone when he was sent home as early as he was. The strength of this eerie vocal and his intense stage prescence proved that the X-Factor can produce genuine artists as well as generic pop fodder. Also check out Aiden's debut album 'Misty Eye' for more atmospheric alternative pop.

Rebecca Ferguson - Feeling Good (originally sung by Nina Simone)
I wanted Rebecca to win so badly! Her voice is so distinctive and while it took a little while for her confidence to build, Rebecca's personality began to shine through during this powerhouse of a performance.

Alexandra Burke - Listen (originally sung by Beyonce)
This is the performance that everyone remembers and it's not much of a stretch to suggest that this is what won the competition for Burke. While it's not always perfect, the combination of Alexandra's vocals with her idol Beyonce was awe-inspiring TV. And that note they hit! Wow!

Leona Lewis - Without You (Mariah Carey's version)
After a few dud winners, Leona proved that there was still genuine talent in the UK and that incredible voice led to her becoming a worldwide sensation. There are so many great performances to choose from but for me, this was Leona at her best. How many talent show contestants can tackle a Mariah vocal and pull it off?

Cher Lloyd - Stay (originally sung by Shakespeare's Sister)

Out of all the contestants that the X-Factor has seen, Cher Lloyd is certainly the most divisive and while she still has plenty of haters out there, even her most ardent detractors have to admit that there was something special about this performance, which saw Cher veer away from her usual hip-hop pop to deliver a stunning and atmospherioc version of this 90s classic.


Diana Vickers - Call Me (originally sung by Blondie)

While some may only remember Vickers for 'the claw', I was a huge fan of that croaky voice and have loved all of her releases since the X-Factor. Her voice shone on a number of beautiful ballads but the performance that I actually enjoyed most of hers was this upbeat Blondie classic, which saw Vickers emerge as a credible pop star.

Laura White - Fallin' (originally sung by Alicia Keys)

Laura also competed in the same year as Vickers and Burke but early on, Laura was actually the favourite. Her jazzy soulful voice took this Rnb classic on with ease and I for one was completely blown away by her. Another one who left the competition far too early.

Ruth Lorenzo - Purple Rain (originally sung by Prince)
Ruth only came fifth in the same series as Burke, Vickers and White but this 'save me' performance of Purple Rain made her another serious contender. Her raw rocky voice perfectly suited the song, making it a memorable performance from an already brilliant series. In another year, any one of these women could have won.

Jedward - Ghostbusters (originally sung by Ray Parker Jr)

I'm sorry but I had to do it. Many people hated the Jedward twins due to their lack of talent and while that is perfectly understandable, something has to be said for their sheer ability to entertain. This Halloween performance was hilariously awful and yet somehow it won me over. Relive the craziness that was Jedward on the X-Factor by clicking below. 

Hope you enjoyed my picks. Let me know if any of these were your favourites or if I missed out any classic performances. Keep coming back for more X-Factor updates in the coming weeks.

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  1. I love this! What a great warm up to tonight's live show. Ive just sat and watched every video and with the exception of Jedward they were all amazing choices - I loved all the above and aiden, vickers, ferguson, white and littlemix my favs,all the ones with distinct voices. Vickers year was definitely the best year in my books. Can't wait to see what happens later.