Wednesday, 7 November 2012

World War Z: Trailer

They're coming! Apparently. The first footage of the new post-apocalyptic horror film based on Max Brooks best selling novel 'World War Z' has appeared online, and it looks pretty good. The film began production last year and was primarily filmed in Glasgow, of all places. It's directed by Marc Foster, the man behind James Bond's last outing 'Quantum of Solace' and stars someone called Brad Pitt, whoever that is.
But enough random information, lets take a look a what everyones been talking about.

You've never seen hordes of zombies like this, on mass living dead that have the power to turn over a bus and climb walls in a matter of seconds, shit loads of the buggers. The trailer looks great, like an enjoyable action adventure with a dark edge. It's been compared to  'All the Presidents Men' and the 'Bourne Identity', and is said to be similar to 'Children of Men', which seems very promising indeed.  But haven't we had enough of zombies? Hasn't it all been done, or is even being done better right now by 'The Walking Dead'? What makes 'World War Z' different from the rest and worth a watch?
What I loved most about the book was its collection of short stories, different peoples perspective of the the zombie outbreak, from first signs to the the final days. Short excerpts from people all over the world, detailing their own experiences of this global disaster. There isn't one main character that you follow, in fact you never revisit a single person once you've heard their plight. As the star billing shows, as well as the trailer, this film seems to focus on one man and his family, ala 'War of the Worlds', yawn! Writer J. Michael Straczynski (I know, right) has spoken about the challenge he faced adapting the book from a UN report of the zombie war into a linear story that follows one main character who people can relate and sympathise with. Well lets hope they do a good job, because I don't want another of my favourite books slaughtered on route from page to screen. Only time will tell.

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  1. I have never seen zombies like that before! Looks amazing but I'm scared that we'll lose so many of the fantastic shorter stories that made up the majority of the book. Let's hope Brad Pitt can pull it off.