Friday, 2 November 2012

I Want Left 4 Dead 3!

Last week I finally got around to getting back on Xbox Live and I am so happy that I did, finally online multiplayer options and new realms of possiblites. But the best thing for me; new 'Left 4 Dead'. Now I know that there has been new downloadable levels coming out over the last few years and I'm very late  on getting my hands on them, but the sheer joy/tense fear of playing new 'Left 4 Dead' was amazing. However, it made me realise something, I want more, I'm not talking another downloadable level (but I wouldn't say no) but a whole new game, something different, new exciting. I want 'Left 4 Dead 3', and I want it now!

When I was fist introduced to the world of 'Left 4 Dead' all those years ago, I remember getting very excited and very nervous, very quickly it was a lot to take in and when I accidentally hit the car at the end of the first level of 'No Mercy', I knew that I was in love with this game. From the witty banter of survivors, the common infected horrendous howls and even that bloody tank, I love it all. Ok, lets get down to it, here's what I loved about the game and what I'd like to see next.
New Characters:
I love the group element; I love the characters in both games (the first more than the second of course) but maybe in 'Left 4 Dead 3' they could look into changing the dynamic, adding or subtracting new people at the start or throughout. Maybe the people they meet aren't all crazies (who will just end up ringing a bell to attracted a hoared) but could actually join the group or even replace dead members like Bill? One thing is clear, we want new characters and they have a lot to live up to.
New Locations:
The location of Pennslyvania was a great setting for the first game and the move down south in the second was genius, but why stay in America? What about Europe? To hell with it, I want it to be set in Asia!  I want to travel from South Korea into the north, I've always wondered whats going on in there, who knows maybe thats where it started. I want something new, that will give a completely unexplored gaming experience, just think what other global locations could provide to the levels; the buildings the culture, the weather? So many possibilities, could you imagine how cool snow would be? I can see the red splatter of blood across the white floor already, lovely. 
More Options:
One of my favourite levels is 'Hard Rain', I'd like to see more like that, the same location at different times, under different circumstances, making a whole new level and experience. I want there to be more possible outcomes, I want to make choices that will affect not only my team mates, who lives and who dies but also, where we're going and how we get there. That way it will make replaying it even more exciting, I'm not talking 'should I go round or through this buildings?' but should I go to this town or that city, get on the boat to France or just drive as far north as possible.
More of the same:
I've read some blogs talk about having more of a plot, but thats not what 'Left 4 Dead' is about, we want action and we want to get right into the good stuff. I would like to see more of how the apocalypse has affected the world, the writing on walls and the odd corpse here and there that suggest that some people lasted a bit longer then others is great but I want more. More detail and on a larger scale, wouldn't it be creepy to come into a safe room and find a group of people who never made it out? Oh, and of course I want more weapons but I'd like to see what else could be used as weapons ala 'Dead Rising'. And if they can think of a couple of new infected that can stand up to the rest then I'd be happy with that too, I mean can you imagine somthing bigger than a tank? I just want more of what I love from this game and yet another kick ass intro video.
What do you think? Is there anything you'd like to see? Or have you had enough of 'Left 4 Dead'? Let me know, feel free to like, comment, follow, plus and share.


  1. I love the idea of being provided with more choice as to how the story plays out and Asia would be a phenomenal setting! Imagine running through the rain drenched neon-lit streets of Tokyo!!!

  2. That would be so cool, but would the lights still work after a Zombie apocalypse? Oh who cares!