Wednesday 14 November 2012

Bioshock Infinite: Trailer

It's been almost two years of waiting and I don't know about you but I'm getting a little bit excited about the upcoming release of the brand new 'Bioshock Infinite', due February 2013. I recently went back and replayed the original 'Bioshock' and within seconds, I was instantly submerged into the dark and decaying world of Rapture, now one of the most iconic locations in gaming history, along with its rabbit mask wearing inhabitants and those creepy little sisters with their protector the Big Daddies. But can the new floating city of Columbia live up to it's underwater cousin?
It looks pretty nice there don't you think? Let's take a look at the trailer. Shall we see what we're letting ourselves in for?  

I love this misleading into, the slow zoom across the water bed, past the iconic big daddy figure to an underwater city,. We're all set for our return to Rapture before the fish gives the game away and we're pulled from the tank, where we're thrown to the floor and we get the first glimpse of a new villain, known only as 'Handymen', who clearly goes to the same shoe shop as the Big Daddy. Then he throws you out the window, moody, and we're given our first sight of the city of Columbia. I don't know about you but I was blown away. This place looks amazing, almost the complete opposite of Rapture, thousands of miles up in the air and full of light. A very bold move to veer away from the location of the first two games; a new home and a new era with new characters and new villains. How could it possible live up to it's predecessors?  
Whether the two cities share the same universe is still not clear, (is that Sander Cohen I see?) however it does share similar game play and themes of a crumbling society. But instead of plasma you have something called vigors, which look like they do pretty much the same thing. I will miss shooting electric bolts out of my hand, but the crows featured in the game play video looks pretty cool; I wonder what else they'll come up with. Also, I like the idea of having someone along with you for the ride who has abilities to help you in your endeavours, as seen in the gameplay trailer, unlike that useless bitch in resident evil 4.
Even if this game isn't as ground breaking or as innovative as the original, I'm sure it will still be a bloody good game. What do you think? Let me know, feel free to comment, follow, like, plus and share. Thanks.

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