Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Oscar Predictions 2013: Best Actor.

Today it's time to take a look at the gentlemen who are in the running for the Best Actor Oscar, which has been won previously by Tom Hanks, Sean Penn and last year by French man Jean Dujardin in The Artist, but whose performace this year will be called out come Oscar night in February? It's been a great year for actor roles - isn't it always? - with a diverse range of characters to make the academy voters choice that little harder to makechose. Shall we take a look?

Everyone has been talking about Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, with critics gushing over him as they always do. Mr Day Lewis has previously won this award two times, but can he join the three times winners club of Jack Nicolson and Meryl Streep? This looks pretty much like a sure thing. I have yet to see this film as it doesn't come out until the end of January but I'm sure he's amazing because when isn't he?
Denzel Washington is in the same boat as Lewis, being a previous two times winner. His role in Flight has been gaining the actor no end of praise from the critics and was called one of his best ever so can this be the year he earns his third Oscar? I think it's between these two men this year.
I loved Bradley Cooper In Silver Linings Playbook,a completely unexpected perfomance from an actor I didn't have much of an opion of in the past due to his comedy and rom-com roles. Although I don't think he has a real chance to win, I think he should be rewarded with a nomination for this role and I hope it marks the start of a new direction in his career.
Early favourite Joaquin Phoenix in The Master has lost a bit of his momentum over the last few months, as well as making an anti Oscar remark which can be the kiss of death for an actor from the academy. I think they will still show their respect for his role with a nomination but his chances of winning have been thrown out the window, leaving it open for past oscar favourites.
Hugh Jackman has been winning over critics with his brilliant performace in Les Miserables. He finaly gets to show everyone what he's capable of as he's in his element here, and while I never thought of Jackman as a Oscar contender, this is the role to place him in this category.
The Session sees John Hawkes on great form, still fresh in the academy minds for his previous nomination in Winters Bone. This role saw him earn a standing ovation at Sundance and he looks set to get his second Oscar nomintion. Anthony Hopkins, who is an uncanny Hitchcock,  may suffer the same fate as Joaquin, as he's been heard to be making anti Oscar comments recently, but he's such a respected actor that they might just let it slide. And Christoph Waltz's name has flown up most lists as he switches from supporting to lead category for his role in Django Unchained. His last film with Tarantino saw him win, but can the duo repeat that success this year? We'll have to wait and see.
Ok, here are my predictions for Best Actor:
1. Daniel Day Lewis - Lincoln.
2. Denzel Washington - Flight.
3. Huge Jackman - Les Miserables.
4. Joaqin Phoenix - The Master.
5. Bradly Cooper - Sliver Linings Playbook.
What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Or have I forgotten someone you think should be nominated? Let me know.

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