Sunday 9 December 2012

Viva Forever! The Musical

After the huge worldwide success of Mamma Mia and the very popular We Will Rock You, the juke box musical is as popular as ever, with everyone and their mum throwing their back catalogue of tunes onto the stage and while some prove to be hits, others haven't fared so well. Now, the beloved Spice Girls have thrown their hat into the ring, in the hope that they can have a West End smash on their hands.

God, I love the Spice Girls, I just bloody love them, anyone who grew up in the late 90s does and even if they won't admit it, they do. Their music was wonderfully catchy, camp, fun pop and so very of it's time. It only seems right that these songs should be in their very own West End show, produced by Judy Craymer the woman behind Mamma Mia, and written by the award winning and brilliantly funny Jennifer Saunders. It seems like the perfect team of people is behind this show, but what the bloody hell is this show actually about?
Ok, so a group of friends start a band, sound familiar? But hold the phone, there's only four of them, a missed opportunity? Maybe a deliberate choice for the good of the story? More than likely. The show focusses on one girl, Viva and the relationships between her friends and mother, all set against the back drop of a TV talent show ala the X Factor, dealing with female empowerment, celebrity and well, girl power! Viva Forever will feature all the Spice Girls classic hits as well some album tracks and a few solo spice songs thrown in for good measure; Mel C's I Turn To You and Geri Halliwells Look At Me. There's even a mash up of Goodbye and Mama which I'm looking forward to hearing. Lets take a look back down memory lane to see where it all began...
I just hope the show catches the fun energy that the girls had and of course, that it's a good show. I shall be going very soon, well as soon as I get paid that is and then i shall post my verdict. I have a funny feeling that I'll love it.
What do you think? Will you be off to see Viva Forever or have you already seen it? Let me know, feel free to comment, follow, like, plus and share. 

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