Friday 14 December 2012

Oscar Predictions 2013: Best Original Screenplay

Today I'm taking a look at who's in with a shot at receiving a nomination in the field of Best Original Screenplay. The award was won last year by the great Woody Allen, who holds the record for most wins in this category with three and most nominations at fifteen, pretty impressive. But what films this year have the chance to join Woody Allen as a winner for the 2013 Best Original Screenplay, shall we take a look?

Paul Thomas Anderson's original screenplay for The Master was based on an idea that's been in his head for over 12 years, loosely based on the conception of Scientology. The film has won rave reviews for its director, cast and the writing and is a lock to get nominated this year, after picking up a collection of critics awards nominations in this category.
Having previously written a screenplay about Bin Laden and The Battle of Tora Bora, Mark Boal had already done his research when the news of Bin Ladens death came and he scrapped his original script to begin work on Zero Dark Thirty with Kathryn Bigalow. The fave reviews, it's political content and his previous win with Bigalow all make this a lock to be nominated in this field.
The reviews for Quentin Tarantino's latest film have still yet to be released but that hasn't stopped people placing this in the picks for this category. Having previously won this award back in 1994, Tarantino also received a nomination in this field for his last film, giving Django Unchained a good shot at getting him nominated again but I can't see winning. It's not his year, but whose year is it?
Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's screenplay for Moonrise Kingdom has a good chance after getting good reviews, even being called his best live action film so far. Could  this be the year that the academy finally reward the writer/director, after having previously been nominated for The Royal Tenenbaums and The Fantastic Mr Fox.
Last year saw a foreign film make its way into this category for the first time in five years. A Separation may not have picked up the award but can its success be duplicated this year with Michael Haneke's beautifully crafted script for Amour? These are the top contenders this year but could there also be a possible spoiler from the likes of John Gatins wonderful writing for The Flight, or could Rian Johnson's clever sci-fi Looper see its way into the race? 
OK, so here are my predictions for best Original Screenplay:
1. Paul Thomas Anderson - The Master.
2. Mark Boal - Zero Dark Thirty.
3. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola - Moonrise Kingdom.
4. Quentin Tarantino - Django Unchained.
5. Micheal Haneke - Amour.
What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Or have I forgotten something you think should be nominated? Let me know.


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