Tuesday 4 December 2012

Les Miserables: Trailer and Clips

The much beloved musical has finally made its way from the West End to Hollywood. It's only taken what? Over 25 years? Ok, so it took Chicago about the same amount of time to make the transition, but like Chicago, can Les Miserables duplicate its critical and commercial success? Can Tom Hooper, the Oscar winning director behind 'The Kings Speech' keep the spirit of the classic musical while still making it accessible to the cinema-going public?
With no reviews out just yet, all we've got to go on is the trailers, so lets have a look shall we?

So far things are looking pretty good, the first trailer arrived a few months ago and for me, any doubts of Anne Hathaway's casting have been thrown out the window, with her hauntingly beautiful and fragile performance of 'I Dream A Dream'. I've heard this song sung a hundred times before but I've never heard it like this, absolutely amazing and it's not even the version that's going to be in the final cut of the film,. That one can be heard in the second trailer released.
There is no doubt that this movie looks great, the cinematography is breathtaking as well as the set design. It look very gritty, very dirty and very real, which is exactly what old Tommy was after. What I love is the fact that they're singing live on set, which they claim has never been done before, but I'm pretty sure Mrs Streisand used to do it a lot. We have to wait until January the 11th to see it here in England, so until then, those lovely people over at Universal Pictures have given us a few clips to keep us happy until then.
Here we see Fantine losing her job, poor thing.

Then we have Jean Valjean, who seems to be having a moment of forgetfulness.
Fresh from playing the role on the west end, Samantha Banks gets all mopey in the rain.
I cannot wait to hear the full version of this song, I have complete faith it will be amazing. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the film as much as me? Feel free to let me know; comment, follow, like, plus and share.

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